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Miralce II Australia

Empower Yourself!  Neutralise the Toxic load on Yourself and Earth!

Foaming & Spray Bottles, Lotion Pumps.

  • Foaming Bottle 50ml

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    SKU: FB50
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    This cute little 50 ml foaming bottle is perfect for traveling or for the little people in your life.

    The kids love it as the get there own foaming bottle just like mum and dad.

    Its also great for traveling as it fits in your toilet bag or handbag and is small enough to safely put in your on board luggage on planes.

    Note when traveling with foaming bottles lock them down and put them in a sealed plastic bag to avoid leakage. Alternatively just put the 1/3 soap in and then fill it with water at your destination or take your soap in a separate container.

    Dilution rates: Mix a minimum of 1/6 (8 ml) to a maximum of 1/3 (16ml) soap and the rest good water.

    Dimensions: H130mm, W35mm

    Return Policy

    Miracle II Australia stands behind its products 100% and our integrity is of the utmost importance. All products come with a full money back guarantee if returned within 14 days of receipt of product (postage not included). If you have any problems with our products please contact us.

    Please note: A full money back guarantee MAY NOT be issued if the products have been opened or partially used.

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