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Miralce II Australia

Empower Yourself!  Neutralise the Toxic load on Yourself and Earth!

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  • Miracle II Neutraliser Gel 7X Strength 240ml

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    Miracle II Neutraliser Gel 7X Strength 240ml (8oz).

    The 7X Neutraliser Gel is at least 7 times the strength of the normal Neutraliser Gel and is excellent for topical (skin) application. 

    Note: Keep the gel out of sunlight or heat other wise it can go back liquid being a natural gelling agent.

    What Does Miracle II Neutraliser do?

    Miracle II Neutraliser does just that, it neutraliser's acids, chemicals, toxins etc safely and effectively.
    So as you see Miracle II Neutraliser can be used for many things - for serious skin problems, pain, burns,sunburn, poisonous bites, to clean vegetables naturally, to de-toxify and balance pH internally. Endless uses!! "This may be an emergency room in a bottle."

    Many Uses:

    • Topical Gel for Extreme Needs
    • Encourages Healthy Cell Regrowth
    • Rebuilds Tissues during De-toxification
    • Could stop Gangrene in its Tracks!

    This topical lotion is intended for the extreme challenges to health. The ultimate in quick response to deadly toxins. Used by many clinicians and therapists to stop cell deterioration, reduce inflammation and encourage healthy cell growth. A broad-band anti-toxin coded effective to the level of Cobra Venom.

    Customers tell us they find this product to be amazing! Veterinarians report that it has become a staple for their work with horses. Many of the uses for this Gel may include: Diabetic Bruises, Bed Sores, In-grown Toenails, Snake Bite, Bee Sting, Moles, Burns, Cuts, Scrapes, Gangrene, and even works to dissolve Heel Spurs. Once you have tried it, you can let us know the additional uses you and your family have found for this remarkable organic-based product.

    The gel compound is perfect for the face, hands and body as it nourishes, cleans, moisturisers and tightens the pores. Neutraliser Gel absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving no oily residue. After showering, apply Neutraliser Gel and then the Skin Moisturiser. No need to dilute - use at full strength. The Neutraliser in gel form was formulated for those areas you would like to maintain a high level of moisture over an extended period of time. Miracle II Neutraliser Gel is natural and non-toxic


    Prayer. Electrically engineered eloptic energised oxygenated water. Ash of Dedecyl solution - Calcium - Potassium - Magnesium  and the Anointing of God.

    :Miracle II contains and holds spiritual and eloptic energy ("life energy") beyond measure for a miracle for your body!

    Note: All our Miracle II products are new and come in the original manufacturers packaging. We do not re-package or alter the product in anyway. Our products are manufactured by Miracle II LLC in the USA.

    Return Policy

    Miracle II Australia stands behind its products 100% and our integrity is of the utmost importance. All products come with a full money back guarantee if returned within 14 days of receipt of product (postage not included). If you have any problems with our products please contact us.

    Please note: A full money back guarantee MAY NOT be issued if the products have been opened or partially used.

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