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Miralce II Australia

Empower Yourself!  Neutralise the Toxic load on Yourself and Earth!

Nings Questions and Answers

by: Miracle II Australia on

Hi Geoffrey,
I have received the products and straight away I love the soap which does a great job on my hair.
I have losts of Questions ... More questions to come- an indication of my interest in Miracle!   Thanks in advance for your reply. I'm careful with my personal life and want to help others with their life too.

Hi Ning
Thanks for your feed back I will answer your great Qs 1 by 1 below.

1. 'neutraliser or gel'. Does that mean the neutraliser liquid or gel?
A.Yes the Neutraliser is the liquid for internal use but can be sprayed on the skin etc as well. The gel is the neutraliser with a natural gelling agent so it is easier to apply to the skin. It is 4 times stronger than the liquid. You can ingest it as well if you have no neutraliser liquid. So basically they are one and the same, just that the gel is 4 times stronger so remember this if ingesting. Remember when ingesting the neutraliser start off with 7 drops and build to as much as you like or until you get the desired results.

2. Can I use the soap to wash dishes by hand?
A. yes of course. But preferably use the regular soap for washing anything else as it doesn't have the moisturiser in it.

3. If I use soap as toothpaste, do I use the original or diluted?
A. I use the Neutraliser gel as a toothpaste and you can add a very small amount (tiny bit from foaming bottle or even smaller amount straight from the bottle) of soap as well. For me personally I use the gel and a little bit of a natural tooth powder which contains real salt, baking soda, detoxified iodine.

4. Do you have a product that can wash veggies and fruits?
A. Yes the soap or neutraliser. We just 1/2 fill the sink with water and add a bit of soap or neutraliser and let our fruit and vegies soak (if they are not organic). The strong negative ion field that the soap and the neutraliser emit will neutralise the toxins in and on the fruit and vegies. They will taste better and also last longer in storage.

5. If both gel and moisturiser can get on the face, do they have the same moisturising effect?
A. There is no need really to put both on your skin although some people do. The Neut gel is for any skin condition, skin tags, skin C, sunburn, sun screen, stop insects bitting, treat insect bites etc etc. The Skin moisturiser is purely for moisturising dry skin but it also has the neutraliser gel in it as well. When I was in Tahiti many years ago and we were bush walking and lots of midges were biting us, my girlfriend had the skin moisturiser so we used that and to my surprise the midges stoped biting us. This was because of the Neutraliser gel in there.

6. If I put both on face, does that mean double moister? Or better use separately?
A. Yes, but if you need both then do it. Just experiment.

7. I don't feel the moisturiser is strong enough for my dry ( not very dry but beautiful) skin. I used to put rose hip oil first and then moisturiser. What is your professional opinion? Maybe after a short while of application my skin will get used to Miracle? Really hope so.
A. When first using the miracle II soap you may have a detox thru the skin as your skin un-clogs and gets back to working normally. Keep going and experiment with the gel and skin moisturiser and find a combination that's right for you. You can still use the rose hip oil if you wish. Remember to drink lots of water. Water is skin food!

There is no right or wrong way to use these products you can experiment with different things. Listen to your intuition about them. This might help you it is called "how I use Miracle II products" which I wrote a while back and is up on our website here http://www.miracle2australia.com.au/how-i-use-miracle-ii-1