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Miralce II Australia

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Miracle II Australia Supports Charities and Sponsers Children

by: Miracle II Australia on

I absolutely love kids with there honesty, spontaneity, playfulness, and the energy and happiness that they fill a room with.  I would never like to see a child have to go through the challenges I went through as a child.

So, since I first started promoting Miracle II products back in 2004 I have been sponsoring children through world vision.  I have sponsored many children now and some have grown up and new ones have taken their place.

Then I back in 2010 my future wife and I went to Nepal for 4 weeks and helped out in an Orphanage in a small village about 6ks from Katmandu.  They call these Orphanages "Children Homes" as most children have parents, but they are to poor to look after them.  We were billeted out into local families and lived and ate as the locals did (that's a whole story on its own).  Anyway, we got to know the children, Didi's (cooks) and the Managers who ran the Home very well.  We still keep in contact with children and Hari the Manager.

We have been sending regular money donations via western union to Hari (our man on the ground) the Local Nepalese man who manages the Children's Home there and he has been documenting what he has been doing with the donations and keeping us informed first hand about what is going on there.  Hari has sent back some incredible stories and pictures and we would like to share some of them with you.

THANK YOU Hari you are an incredible man.

See the pictures below and the Blogs "Helping Hari in Nepal" and "Hari's and Reuben's Nepal Story #1"