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Miralce II Australia

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Helping Hari in Nepal

by: Miracle II Australia on

Namaste Brother and Sister

Nepal. The temp of ktm Vally was measured 36 degree yesterday. And terai part of Nepal it was 45 degree. It is more worse in India by this about 3500 people killed.
Yesterday It was the great day for me. I went to remote village with yours gift to the poor background children. I bought 40 set bag filling with some notebooks, pen, pencils, stickers etc. Kids were very happy when I started to stick kite for their temporary building. After that we started to play different game, drawing competition etc The game parcel passing was liked very much. I went there with some chocolates as well. Finally we distributed bags for them I can't explain by few words how much they were happy by getting new bags and stationery. But make me sad was not enough for all kids. We given to grade 1,2,3, but nursery kids,four and five grade did not get. The school was very remote and community is very poor. Kids were at schools without bag. According to the teacher, kids loose their book sheet every day by sweating of hand and rain. Your help will encourage them to come school. Also They were requesting for further help.
The receipts and related pictures are attached with this mail. It was far from here it could be more than 15000 nrs to hire jeep. But I coordinated with other people who were there for health camp in that community. Spent only 14$ for taxi in ktm.
Kind regards


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