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Miralce II Australia

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Heather's Story on Burns

by: Miracle II Australia on

I don't know if you have ever used the Miracle II for burns - I have and found it to be amazing! I have a super testimonial on that one, will send that one to you at a later date, but just the other day I burnt my three middle fingers with steam - and boy steam hurts. Immediately I plastered Green Soap on it and continued to rub it in several times that same night. The following day I did it a few more times and the stinging and pain was gone by then with just the red mark. Today, just three days later, all three fingers have no red at all - completely healed and no more pain. In fact the second day I was able to put my hands in water with only a slight burning sensation (which is not normal as water is agony for steam burns) Green Soap has minerals in it that can heal the worst of burns, I read a remarkabel Testimonial in a book written by Russ Michael on how a man had burnt his entire arm from a radiator and how he had used Green Soap on the burns. I was so amazed at the results that ever since I have always used Green Soap on burns with the same absolutely amazing results. I have another testimony on how I had spilt Metho on my hands and they were both on fire. The results using Green Soap on those dreadful burns, once again amazing.........use Green Soap on burns - IT WORKS! YOU WILL WORK THIS OUT YOURSELF! AND THE GREAT NEWS IS THERE ARE NO SCARS!