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Foaming Bottles

by: Miracle II Australia on

Foaming bottles: Add 1 part soap to 2 parts good water. These bottles are fully serviceable.

If they stop foaming they may have some dirt or hair inside foaming mechanism, usually a good shake will get them going again. If not see instructions below on how to take them apart and clean them. 

Do not fill above bottom of foaming mechanism as this needs to suck in air to make foam.

Also they will not foam if soap/water mix is to strong.


How to Clean Foaming Bottle:

They will snap apart completely (5 pieces + ball bearing) for cleaning careful to not lose the ball bearing in the bottom.

1. Pull out spout on top

2. Push out middle from screw top

3.  Pull out plunger

4.  Pull out spring mechanism

5 Pull out and carefully wash clear diaphragm (6th piece) in bottom of plunger and all other parts in water.

Re-assemble in reverse order.