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Miralce II Australia

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Cusomers Stories

by: Miracle II Australia on

Red back spider bite.....

Years ago, when my son was 2, he was bitten by a red back spider on his finger. In fact, the darned thing wouldn't let go and was still attached to his finger as he came running to me screaming. I called the local hospital to tell them we were coming in and started applying the gel immediately. Every 2 minutes, I applied a new layer of gel, rubbing it into the whole finger (pointer) and top part of his hand and his palm. By the time we got to the hospital 25 minutes later, the finger was red and swollen but there wasn't any pain. We were greeted by a stunned team of doctors and nurses who couldn't believe the results. We also brought in the spider as proof. We stayed a couple hours but discharged ourselves as there wasn't anything they could do. The gel is AMAZING!
Michelle Qld