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Miralce II Australia

Empower Yourself!  Neutralise the Toxic load on Yourself and Earth!

About Us

I have been using and promoting "Miracle II" products for more than 15 years and I have seen all sorts of amazing things happen with these products on my self, pets and others. I have discovered along the way on this "Miracle II journey" what all chemicals, drugs and synthetics are doing to natural beings such as ourselves not to mention the animals and the earth we live on.

But Miracle II is changing all of that, the soap not only gets the skin working correctly again as your bodies largest de-toxing organ, it does a myriad of other things. The Miracle II products have a neutralising effect on anything that is not natural.

"Miracle II will change your life for the better" Take the Miracle II challenge?   See "my Dreams" at the bottom.

My mission is to provide the original Miracle II products as affordable as possible so as to get as many people as possible using these products. What many people don't realise is that the miracle II products keep working as they go down the drain to neutralise toxins which help the earth environment as well. If every person used Miracle II instead of chemicals and toxins, the earth's land, oceans and it's inhabitants would get back to thriving and not the opposite!

Miracle II Australia's Mission Is to reduce the toxic load on the people, animals and the land/earth in our wider community.

 As a part of our on going mission to reduce this toxic load on our selves and our environment we will recycle where ever we can. All the boxes and packing material we receive we will re-use in our own packing department where ever possible. Any clean unusable paper and cardboard goes into the worm farm and or garden. (Cardboard adds much needed boron to our soil). We have a water tank running off the roof so we only use tank water and have turned off our town water supply all together. Solar panels generate the power to run the office, packing room and wharehouse. All our fruit and vegies scraps go to our worm farm which then provides fertiliser in the form of worm juice and worm castings for the garden, where I try to grow as many vegies and fruit as I can. What we can't or don't grow we try and source from local fruit stalls and organic farms in our area. Supporting our local farmers and community is important. What fruit and vegies we can't get organic we soak in Miracle II Soap to neutralise any toxins that may be in them. Now I have added a hose to the out let of our washing maching and run our washing water into a 1000L drum wich then goes onto the garden. The plants thrive on Miracle II.

  We also provide financial support for certain Children’s Charities, and other organisations as well as continue to support the children we currently sponsor around the world. My Wife and I travelled to Nepal in 2012 and worked in a Children's Home for 4 weeks, What an eye opening experience that was there and we still continue to provide support for them. We gave a lot of much needed financial help when the earthquake struck their in 2015 our friend Hari on the ground in Nepal helped greatly with that for us. You can see some of the stories about that on our blog site or Facebook page but I still have many more to post up.

Eventually we hope to be able to purchase our own land and put these practices to work of creating a toxic free land and environment for our families and followers.

My Dreams; So some of my dreams (which I believe will come true) is to be able to purchase “broken, worn out, over cropped” type land and bring it back to thriving, healthy and naturally food producing land full of wild life.
And get people back to nature and living, eating and producing naturally, as we are all natural beings!!
Getting mankind away from harmful chemicals and synthetics and bring this world and its inhabitants back to their full glory. Hallelujah.
If every person used Miracle II instead of chemicals and toxins, the earth's land, oceans and it’s inhabitants would get back to thriving and not the opposite.


geoffrey :williams:

Principle Participant

MiracleIIAustralia Foundation