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Miralce II Australia

Empower Yourself!  Neutralise the Toxic load on Yourself and Earth!

Cleaning and Gardening with Miracle II

Foaming bottles: add 1/6 soap and 5/6 good water or up to 1/3 soap and 2/3 good water, replace top and shake before use.
1/3 strength is the maximum strength. NOTE: you may need to use a much weaker solution for the face.

* Dont forget always shake the Miracle II Moisturing soap before each use as the moisturiser will settle to the top being all natural.  

Amounts for different bottles are: For 450ml Foaming bottle, about 75 (for 1/6 solution) to 140ml (for 1/3 solution) of soap.  For 250ml bottle about 35 to 70ml of soap.  For 200ml bottle is about 30 to 60ml of soap and the 50ml bottle is about 8 to 16ml of soap.  Remeber to pour in the water slowly and leave a gap of air at the top foaming mechanism and shake before use. The smaller amounts are for 1/6 solution and larger amounts are 1/3 solution (maximum stength) * For oil spills or degreasing you can use the green soap undiluted.

You can make up the following strength mix’s (spray bottles #1, #2, #3) for use on different applications as below:

#1. Light Cleaning: Use this on glass, mirrors, counter tops, stainless steel, refrigerators, fiberglass, leathers and plastic . . . 5-25 ml of regular Soap to 500 ml spray bottle of water (add water very slowly).

#2. Medium Cleaning: Dishes, floors, bathrooms, tile, cabinets, paneling, refrigerator, skin, carpet, spot remover, upholstery, stainless steel, fiberglass, automobile, mildew, soot on brick and stone . . .

30-50ml Regular Soap to 500ml spray bottle of water.

#3. Heavy Cleaning: Floors, grease traps, drains, pots, pans, dishes, hands, skin, ovens, glass fireplace doors, white sidewall tires, bad carpet stains, holding tanks on campers, clothes, wax stripper, steam cleaning, oil on carports, crazy glue cleanup . . 60 -160 ml or more Regular Soap to 500 ml spray bottle of water.

Strong odours: For best results, you may also use equal amounts of Soap and Neutraliser in all mixes. Spray on strong odors such as feet, skin, fish, seafood, onion, garlic, dog/cat, refrigerators, bathrooms, fishing clothes, holding tanks on bass boars and campers, odours in carpets & leave it on. Or, if you have a bottle of Neutraliser, just put a sprayer onto the bottle and use directly.

Add used dish or bath water to the garden as it may balance the PH in the soil and add minerals as well.

Or if it goes down the drain be content knowing it will clean, & neutralise toxins all the way along its path!

Oven Cleaning: Use #3 spray bottle. Or use foam from foaming bottle. Heat oven to warm and then turn off. Spray well. Let set for 2-3 hours or overnight if possible. Just wipe away with cloth or sponge.

Spot Cleaning: Use #2 spray bottle. Spay benches, oven tops etc then wipe down with cloth. Spray spots, brush, then towel up. If stain has been on carpet for a long time, and it will not clean up this way, spray again and lay a damp cloth on the spot and leave overnight. Spray and brush again and towel up. This will take care of 99% of your spots.
Spots on Clothes: Spray on and let stand for 2 hours before you put into washing machine. Use 10 to 30 ml of Miracle II Soap in washing machine. If the spot is on something you are wearing, spray the spot and towel off. It will not burn the skin.

Washing Dishes: I use about 50ml in a 1 litre bottle, and for greasy dishes I use the soap from the foamy bottle and apply directly to dishes. Scrub then rinse off in dish water.

Washing Clothes: Use Miracle II Laundry ball or 10 to 30 ml Soap un-diluted from the bottle. For more soiled cloths add up to an extra 30ml of soap to the wash or if you are using the laundry ball you can add 1/3 of your chemical detegent to the wash. To deodorise and soften, add 30 ml Neutraliser from the bottle. Run used water (If no chemicals cleaners added) onto garden!!
Gardeners: TO KILL INSECTS ON PLANTS . . . Add 5-10ml Soap to 500ml spray bottle of water or 40-60 ml Soap per gallon (4.5 ltr) of water and spray on plant. Some things may need stronger mix.

Insects: Wasps – Roaches – Spiders – Water Bugs – Bees

Get a 500ml trigger sprayer. Put 20 ml or more of Soap and fill with water. Spray insects. Everyone has reported great results. Everyone who uses Miracle II in a total cleanup said they stopped having bug problems in 30 days.

Fleas and Ticks: Shampoo dog and cat with Soap suds up well for few minutes and rinse and dry. Then spray Neutraliser and let dry. It will not harm their eyes. Heals rashes and cuts on dogs, cats and horses.

Litter Box: Spray with Neutraliser. This will take the odor away.

Auto and Trucks: Use enough Soap in a bucket of water until you get good suds. It will make the paint shine. Use about 50ml from the bottle in a 10 ltr bucket. Note: for automotive oil and degreaser use strait undiluted.

Citric Trees Blight: Spray Neutraliser on trees. Try this on any tree, bush, flower or garden plant. Add 60ml of Neutraliser per gallon (4.5 ltr) of water, foliage feed, every 7 days for supernatural growth and production.

*Do NOT use the green soap on your skin un-diluted, especially the face.  The soap is a concentrate!